Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday January 27 2010

With a partner. Move as much weight  as possible overhead in 30 minutes.  Loads must be set ahead of time. Only one partner can work at one time but you are allowed to have two bars loaded.


  1. hmmm... this does not sound like a good WOD for uneven numbers....:S

  2. Another great morning. Thanks Sandra for being such a fantastic partner, motivational and inspirational.

  3. Yea for us. Group Hug! LMAO.

    6:00 A/M group
    Vanda did Angie 27:03
    Kym and Sandra 12,705 #'s
    Aurora ans Lisa 10,450 #'s

    Lets see how the lunch group does. Hope to have an even number.

  4. Good times!

    Adam and Susan approx 26,000
    Amanda and Steph approx 17,000

    Well done. I did a Wod of SDHP and RIng Dips 10 rounds @ 75#'s 12:36 before class.

  5. 26345 but who's counting...
    My new w/o partner Susan hung on and pushed more weight than ever in her life today. An impressive start to Crossfit.
    If you're not sure about hitting the gym today, don't miss this one. High output, moderate weight, some rest, and a little strategy. What more could you want? Plus,it'll give sore hands etc. a bit of a break!
    Lots of smiles all around. Thanks again Mike.

  6. Sue Fitz (aka Susan)January 27, 2010 at 12:51 PM

    Wow - do my arms feel like loopy spaghetti tonite! Big, big thank you to Mike and Adam for the coaching at lunch today.....I am very happy working out today - my second week at Crossfit. Way to go Amanda and Steph!

  7. 13,085# for Virgina and I, methinks.

  8. I will post the numbers in the morning. Great work and effort all around. Chris is the champ though with 23,000# moved. Kudos to everyone but I think Susan deserves a special shout out. Way to go!

  9. I didn't think my shoulders were that sore until I went to wash my hair before work tonight!!!! Great workout and lots of fun!

  10. Chris and Belinda - 34,700 (Chris 23,000 & Belinda 11,700)

  11. Amanda and Virginia: 14,085
    Dawn and Shannon: Crap I wrote down the same number for Dawn and Shannon that I had for Amanda and Virginia. Hope on eof you wrote it in your books.

    Glad to see people posting their numbers on their own. Way to go. Great work yesterday!

  12. Thanks for the great foundation class on squats learned a lot the Tabata reverse
    work out recovered ok until stairs this morning (ouch ) all good

  13. Chris & Belinda - WOW That's really cool. Should this become a recurring w/o? Say every 3-4 months. Bonus points for thrusters? I'm surprised how much fun this was!