Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday June 15 2011

Warm Up: Dynamic, Walks, Med balls
Skill: The Jerk
Strength: 5 x 3 C/J or Rack Jerk
Wod: 5 rounds of:
5 M/U's, 400 M run, 20 P/U's

If you cannot do Muscle Ups. Sub muscle up transitions and Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups with negative, no bands at 3 - 1


  1. rack jerks for technique.
    stopped at 185 due to fear of impending muscle ups.

    17:37 as rx'd for the wod.
    rd 1 and 2 were fine.
    rd 3 realized a kip was needed and i couldn't do 5 in a row.
    rd 4 was hhaaaarrrdddd ...
    rd 5 ... got it done. watch any muscle ups by camille leblanc-bazinet to get an idea of what was happening. controlled ... but big!

    pushups made the transition from pull to press brutally fun.

  2. Stopped at 135, because, well i had to. Great morning, but I ran out of time to complete the WOD.

    Travel for the rest of the week, but on the bright side I'm cruising along the St. Lawrence on the train, drinking martinis and listening to Ian Tyson and John Prine. Call it a "Soul WOD"

  3. Way to go Rob! Living and loving life...