Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday June 13 2011

Warm Up: Run, Jump, Swing
Skill:R DL's 7x3
Snatch Grip Press 3 x 10
Jump Shrug (hip) 5x5
Scarecrow Snatch 5x5
Power Snatch (hip) 5x5

Wod-3 rounds of:
400 M Run
10 Ring Dips
20 K2E
30 Squats


  1. 17:4...something?

    That was ridiculous after a weekend of o-lifting. Great WOD though!

  2. Some 20 seconds after Tiffany?

    Fun stuff! Those K2E are hard with no momentum :/

  3. Finally made it in! Mike we need Childcare at the box! Lol
    Great job today Tiff teaching the class!
    11:something. As much as I love the benefits I hate running to that corner!