Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday June 17 2011

Warm Up: 10 min git warm
Skill: Pistols, Hspu
Wod: Will be a surprise. There will be choice.


  1. mary, 20 min amrap
    - rx'd if you count using the stretching book under my heel to simulate a lifting shoe as rx'd ...

    12rds + 4 pistols
    - pistol depth in the last 2 rounds, especially on my right side, might have been suspect.
    - I believe my legs might fall off at any second. seriously. they might.

  2. great efforts by everyone this morning. Nice mix of people and three wods to choose from. Sweet start to the day.

  3. Good for you Tim!

    I did Mary with nothing RXed!

    And I only got 5 rounds and a couple pistols...:(

    All that being said, I'm glad to be forced back towards solid reps rather than time. It's pretty easy to get swept up in the competative thing on the group level and forget the concept of competing with yourself to do the full movements using your muscles rather than momentum in order to continually get better, bigger, and stronger.

    At least that's my take.

  4. you like ians take?
    i love ians take. HA!

    truly I do ... last weekend really hammered the aspect of virtuosity and I feel I had lost sight/forgotten that. If each simple movement is perfect everything will grow from that ... speed and strength WILL come.

    good better best ...

    anyways. my quads are destroyed. feels like someone flayed them ... balls.