Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday June 13 2011

Warm Up: 3 x CFHQ
Strength: Cleaning
Wod: 7 ROunds of:
Clean-Front Squat-Jerk


  1. Hi Mike...

    I'm not going to be around the box for awhile as I have broken my back; Good news is that my knee is feeling a lot better. Ha!

    I've broken the spinous process in vertebrae T9, T10 and T11. I was struck by a large boulder out of the side of an escarpment (fell 20-25 ft) in the Bruce Peninsula. I'm lucky to be walking and/or alive. Paramedics said that if my back wasn't as strong as it was or that I didn't have the stamina to endure the pain for as long as I had to (being stuck in the bush for almost four hours) I may not have been as successful of avoiding serious or fatal injury. I suppose a big thank-you to Crossfit is in order. I'm pretty shook up and am just getting on the computer to let people know what's going on and why I won't be around for a little while. It's quite the story and maybe once I'm feeling a bit better I'll stop in and share it in more detail. I'll be out 4-6 weeks at least, like most bone fractures (lucky), and will probably be getting into some physio as soon as I'm cleared by my doctor. I do look forward to getting back and making my back/body as strong as I can. All the best.

  2. Dustin, my god! So glad you're ok! Heal well, buddy...I'm giving you all my good vibes for a stupendous recovery.