Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday September 18,2010

Warm Up:
5 Minutes

Scavenger Hunt V.1
3 2 1 GO!

30 min max time to complete the following:

1000 M Run -6
75 Box Jump -1
15 Tire Flips -1/1/(2/5) Partners
35 Pull Ups -1
3 Rope Climb -3/10 *
25 Burpies -1
30 Shoot Throughs -1
3 Muscle Ups * -5
30 Seconds of L sit -2/5
40 K2E -1
Set a P.R -10
1000# overhead -1/5
100 Squats - 1
25 Wall Ball -1
150 D/U's -1
15 Ring Push Ups -1/2
15 Ring Rows -1/2
5 Clean and Jerk and odd object -5
25 Broad Jumps -1
100 Lunges -1
3 lengths of alligator walk -2
50 Hollow Rock -1
5 Bar Climbs -5/10
20 Dumbbell Snatches -1
3 lengths Inchworm -2

*If you cannot complete the movement as Rx'd you must spend 2 minute trying - 5
Most points wins.Please note weights used and objects lifted. All athletes must use appropriate loads and heights.


Test: Move your neck around in a bunch of cardinal planes. How loose does it fee? Can you see how a tight neck could make your shoulder position more sucky?
Mwod: 1) 2 minutes each side doing Hand behind back stretch while working on your neck.
2) Open up your thoracic spine on the paired lacrosse balls. 1-2 min
3) Practice a little overhead lat stretch 2 min
4) Try and staple that lacrosse ball to the wall with your chesticle (pec).


  1. As if not being able to make it in for the last two days was bad enough, I have to miss the COOLEST WOD ever!

    Please tell me there's another Scavenger Hunt WOD coming up soon!?!

    See you Sunday. Publicly posted, can't be withdrawn now! haha

  2. Thanks for the great programing mike, it was a nice change from the routine.

  3. LMAO see you then Rich.

    Congrats to Steph. Winner of the first ever CrossFit Guelph Scavenger Hunt Wod with a score of 58. Steph wins a copy of Rob Wolfs new book " The Paleo Solution" Books should be arriving Monday/Tuesday

    Second place honours went to Esther who won herself an implement of torture. A brand new Lacrosse ball.

  4. Thanks for supporting something a little different everyone. The bar climbs looked like fun.