Monday, September 6, 2010

3 2 1 Go

Congratulations to Allan Rickard CrossFitter of the month for August. Allan wins himself a Self myofascial massage tool. Way to go Al!

September is upon us. For many the summer has been off time. Time to lose the summer jiggle and get back to it.

Our first theme WOD is coming in September. Vote for your theme at the box.

New Class Schedule is up!

August Personal Records:

Connor 8 M/U's Clean 250/Jerk 240/FS 240
Tiff D/L 155
Ana DL 155
Cindy DL 210
Rob 290 DL, 110 SP
JEss 250 DL, 120 BP
Chris S 4 D/U's, 255 FS
Al 357.4 DL, 225 BS, 205 FS
Matt 390 DL, 165 FS, 255 BS
Ryan 230 BS 190 FS
Steph 125 C/J
Chris A 290 DL
Kate 180
Chris C OHS 185
Vanda DL 155,SP 50

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