Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of our recent Personal Records

Alec D/L 350 B/S 260
Connor D/L 390
Tracey S/J 145 F/S 165
Lisa D/L 265
Sandra B/S 170
Nolan D/L 285
Colin D/L 305
Manda Sn 100 B/P 130
Perry D/L 375

"Nice! I squat 315 and BP 245 and I don't even get a mention?........Oh well I'll have to go heavier I guess lol." Chris S. Sorry buddy!

Team Wod Saturday May 1 @ 10:00

Sign up on the white board please.

Starting June 1 we will be introducing an official Nutrition Program with log books and bi weekly sit downs.

The Paleo challenge is in full swing. Take advantage of and share your success on the CFG Facebook Events page. We will be crowning the winner on May 6th.

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