Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monday April 5 2010

2k Run, 5 min rest.

3 3 3 OHS

Awrap 15 MInutes:

10 Kettle Bell swings
20 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps


  1. I can't believe Tracey got 300! -Ryan

  2. We have the pic evidence to prove it. Unfortunately we also have evidence of my miss. Check the gallery and FB.

  3. Great turn out, a few new folks testing the water and just a great time all around.

    Manda 7 rounds 7 KB run 9:19
    John 5 rounds 10 KB run 8:40
    Belinda 9 rounds 7 KB run 8:13
    Sarah 8 rounds 9KB 10:10
    Connor 6 rounds 20 push ups run 7:47
    Liam 5 rounds 9 BJ 9:03
    Chris C 8 rounds 8 KB 8:35
    Colin 6 rounds run 8:04
    Mac 8 rounds 16 push ups 7:36 Mac swung the Mac Bell
    Steph V 8 rounds 6 KB run 10:47
    Kym 6 rounds 10 KB 17:17
    Cindy 6 rounds 10 push ups run 17:17
    Susan 5 rounds 10 KB 12:00
    Chris S 6 rounds 13 push ups run 10:37
    Gert 7 rounds 9 BJ 12:00

    Great efforts all around! Fun to have so many folks in at once. Thanks to Perry and Manda for helping out and congratulations to Cindy and John on their first CrossFit workout.

    Notes on Paleo. Talk to Chris Sinclair, Heather Finlayson, or Tracey regarding any lingering doubts you may have regarding the effectiveness of a Paleo diet.

    Good luck in the challenge. Remember. Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds. This would be considered strict paleo and WILL give you the best results in the challenge, in performance and heck... LIFE. Please post comments, thoughts, cheats on the Paleo challenge page. That way we can all support one another and have a central point to communicate from.

    Say it with me GRAINS are BAD and FOOD is FUEL!