Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday April 30 2010

CrossFit Football Total
Bench Press
Power Clean
Back Squat
Dead Lift


  1. Hit 100 on my PC today! Yay... such a good feeling :)

    - Amanda (sorry still have to change this name shiznit)

  2. Following my "month off" I thought I would test the theory that you need weight to move weight.
    bench press - 225 pr
    power clean - 185 pr
    back squat - 275 pr
    dead lift - 345 pr
    Total - 1030 lbs.
    Does premium beer really make you stronger?
    Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Great job and congrats to all who took on the Foot Ball total. There were lots of new PR's.

  4. It sure does Adam,it sure does. I try to keep a few on hand at all times for those Popeye like moments.