Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday September 6 2011

Warm Up: 3x’s
1 min plank
20 air squat
10 shoulder rolls
Strength: D/L 65,75,85% x 5
WOD- 10 Min AMRAP:

4 Ring Rows,7x P/P @95/75

We are dedicating this month to developing our double unders. Expect to see them as buy in and outs and in dedicated skill sessions and warm ups. Let's really nail these down!


  1. 11 reps at 300 for the deads.

    I could only get 17 D/Us today...I got 44 the other day...oh well! I was trying to fix the problems I have--apparently I "pike."

    Then 12 rounds & 1 PP for the WOD.

    Good times!

  2. 8 reps at 280# for the deads ... I feel so wee when I post after Ian!

    16 rds even on the wod. that was terrible-ific! My shoulders were gasping for air on those last few sets!

    Good first day of DU work. We had some good progress with the majority of people getting on the months 'Double under PR board'

  3. What a great first class back!!

    Tested my one rep max dead to have a good number to work with.
    Got up to 260#

    9 rounds+2 Ring Rows @75#

    Yipee!! Thanks for having me back!!!

  4. Good short WOD today! 16 rounds even!
    Think D/L last round was 15 reps @ 325 thxs too the other Tim for setting the weight which he had a solid 17 reps!