Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday September 2 2011

Warm Up:3x TNB IW/DW/Lunges
Strength: Back Squat Deload
Skill: Clean Progressions
WOD-6 rounds of:
200m Run
6 Hang Clean (135 pounds)


  1. something something dnf.
    gotta listen to the body ... was tempted to not go in today but did and worked technique on the HPSC's.
    rest this weekend, get stronger, back at er next week.

  2. Feelin strong this morn!
    Cleans at 135 in 12:11

    Good choice Tim! I was worried you'd pulled something when I saw those fateful letters attached to your name...

  3. 17:59 @ # 135
    Holy #*@! Was it hot out at noon!

    I'm gone until the 19th....... Train hard my friends!