Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday September 7 2011

Warm Up: 2x's 100run,5 Kb's,10 D/U's,10 Squats,5 Hollow Rock,2 Clean and Press
Skill: Burgener then,10 mins at 50 – 60%

Buy in: 400m
50 kb’s (50/35)
100 d/u’s
150 air squat
50 hollow rock
10 kb clean/press 50/35(per arm)
Buy out: 400m

Warm up done at 1/4 past the hour, skill done at 25 past the hour. Wod will begin at 1/2 past the hour.

Wod is to performed all out. Make sure you focus on a tight core when going over head. It is not a jerk it is a press.

Skill: Snatch, focus on hitting full extension (finishing). If you are losing the bar out front check your set up and also the wrist turnover at the top. Technique technique technique!


  1. wod in 11:51
    good wod, lots of fun ... the press w/ the #50 kb was not easy. not easy at all.

  2. 24:something!

    Man! Always eat breakie before a killer WOD...also, my left side was too week to maintain the 50lbs press...

    Good times!

  3. I did the WOD solo today before noon class.
    15:13... I went really light on the clean/press to baby my shoulder
    the transition between D/U and squats felt tough
    Overall good balance between upper and lower body, excellent chipper workout.