Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday March 18 2011

3 rounds of:
50 Squats
200 M run
25 Burpies
200 M run
25 Push Ups

Warm Up:
Dynamic Stretching


  1. low 13min ...
    feel like a can of smashed arse holes right now ...
    i think yesterdays workout took alot out of me.
    weekend = rest. bam.

  2. keep feeling like that, i need all the help i can get to get caught up! lol
    btw solid 205 on the Jerk Tim

  3. So I'm heading home for my birthday and can't make it in so I did this in the park at home before I left...

    I measured out a 50 m section on the path and had children staring at me probably thinking I was crazy

    But ended up with 18:18
    Definitely harder than it looked

  4. Well this Wod just kicked me in my nutsack and said "welcome back after 5 weeks off". 17:56
    Tim 13min! Go eat a cheeseburger